Conditions of Use

Ismael Rac's Terms of Use

1. Ismael Rac Licensed tubes may not exceed 300 DPI or be enlarged in anyway. You may only use the tube in the size given (down sizing for smaller tags is fine). Be careful when using scraps or templates as sometimes these are at a higher DPI.
**Note PNG tags are smaller DPI therefore better at saving as than JPG which seems to keep the high DPI . This does not mean you must make your tags PNG, we just want to help you understand. What you save your tags as is always your choice**

2. Ismael Rac© must be clearly displayed on all creations using his images. This must be clear and legible. You may use your own watermark, or reference to yourself as in (tagged by, sig by, tag by) type logo markings, however you may not claim a © "your name", nor may you place your Website URL on any tags/sigs made. Artist URL is required on any sigs/tags/banners/graphics you make. ©Ismael Rac The url is still fine for your older tags and you do not have to change, alter or delete these tags. Just please use for all your new creations. As for credit on Facebook it should read like this Ismael Rac IRLicense ©

3. You must use your Ismael Rac assigned license number on all creations you make with Ismael art. Including Free Tubes.
The Honor System for licenses still stands. This has not and will not change. You ARE allowed to use your IR license for ALL your Rac tubes no matter where you bought them if you want to. This is not a must. You are more than welcome to use your prior licenses if you wish. We will NOT replace any tubes that were not purchased here in the Rac Store.

4. You can use credit free stock photography (You may add "Photo By___" or Photo Courtesy of___", but credit free meaning no © symbol), your own made elements and other non-royalty elements.
You may credit the scrap kit maker by adding kit by____ or scraps by ____ but you may not add the © symbol by the scrap artist name or the kit makers URL. YOU MAY NOT ADD THE NAME OF THE KIT TO THE TAG. JUST SCRAPS BY__ OR KIT BY___ NOTHING ELSE.

5. Absolutely no Ismael Rac images are to be used in any endeavors that would be considered by any employee or artist himself as profiting, bartering, breaking even, exchange of normally profitable services or the selling of in any way.
* Does not cover blog license, you may follow the blog license tou's and make money but only if you have purchased a blog license*

How to make matching kits for Rac Tubes

You MAY make kits to match Rac's art as long as you follow these simple terms. You MAY NOT just take the tube preview to make a matching kit as this is seen as making money off Rac's work.

1. You MUST purchase the tube you plan to make to make a kit for.

2. When you advertise you may NOT use the tube's own preview, but make a tag and follow tou's. You may still do blog layouts with RAC art for 100% free. No compensation(MONEY) of any kind allowed.

3. Nudity may be covered slightly by embellishment elements such as stars, sparkle, text, bars and shapes. Clothing may NOT be added or cloned.

4. The integrity of all artist images must remain intact at all times in creations made. No heads may be cropped off or switched at any time. ( You can not take the head off one tube and put it on another. You also can not use doll bodies). This does not include the close ups that are provided for you. Avatars are still OK to make.

5. Incredimail stationary, desk top themes (wall papers), and calendars are allowed. However you must display the artist © and license number on the actual creation using the image(s) and a credit with the same information on the stationary, desk top theme or calendars themselves.

6. Ismael Rac allows full tasteful animation. This does not include sexual simulations and anything that takes the artistic integrity from the artwork. Blinking and light noise used in hair and clothing is acceptable. Waving, breathing, dancing, bobbing, nodding, puckering, twitching or other movement is allowed when done tastefully.

7. Grey scaling of images, mirroring or transposing is allowed, as well as monotone color changes. Clothing and accessory color changes are allowed as long as they are tasteful and in keeping with the artist work.You may make changes to hair color to suit your needs.You MAY change the color of clothes, hair, nails, eyebrows, shoes, hose, leggings, accessories NO EYE OR SKIN COLOR CHANGES ARE ALLOWED TO BE MADE. NO PATTERNS.

Tubes that are Exclusive layers or sold as xclusive color layers CAN NOT BE COLORED IN ANYWAY! If you won or purchased any of these special tubes you MAY NOT change any coloring on them as other customers have layers too and we do not want anyone to have matching layers due to customers coloring clothes. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE ANY COLORS ON THE XCLUSIVE TUBES AT ALL!!

8. Under no circumstance is the sharing of tubes, packages or any other product from Ismael Rac allowed. If you have a license and are in need of replacements, contact customer service for replacements ( a fee may apply). If you are sharing, this is a direct violation of the artist's copyright. Anyone found to be in violation will have all licenses revoked and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you are found using illegal Rac tubes ( not purchased by or gifted to you from either mpt, ami, rac or commission) then we can and will revoke your license and ban you from purchasing again. There are some tubes out there that some have colored themselves and passed around. These are considered illegal tubes. When in doubt ask customer service. We reserve the right to not issue a license if we have the belief that you are a sharer or illegal tube user. Please report all copyright issues to [javascript protected email address]

9. Blank tags, stationary headers, desk top themes, etc is strictly prohibited. All creations must have either a saying (for example a snag tag like hello or happy birthday) or a personalized name on them. If creating a stationary side border, text is not required. However you must display the artist © and license number on the actual graphic using the image(s) and a credit with the same information on the stationary footer. When creating blog layouts you must display the artist © and license number on the actual graphic using the image(s) AND ON THE BACKGROUND IMAGE if you use Rac art for your blog background.

10. No RAC licensed images may be used for printing or publishing offline. Licensed images are for online/digital use only.

11. You MAY NOT add purses, hats, socks, shoes, stockings etc, that have not been provided as part of the original tube.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above terms, please contact Customer Service @ [javascript protected email address]

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